3 Set White Panel Backdrop

3 Set White Panel Backdrop


Can be rented as a trio for $125 or separately at $50 each. Panels can be overlapped and arranged in anyway. 


Color: White 

Can be painted any color of your choice for an additonal $40 per panel. Custom vinyls (ex. rainbow) can be added for an additional fee. 


Overall Dimensions: 7 FT H x 6 FT - 10 FT W

Panel 1: 5 1/2 FT H x 3 1/2 FT W

Panel 2: 7 FT H x 3 1/2 FT W

Panel 3: 6 FT H x 3 1/2 FT W


A minimum 8 FT of height and 9 FT width must be allowed for this backdrop. In addition, a depth of 3 FT must be allowed for the backdrop legs (which will be fortified with sand bags).


Delivery fees not included.

Flat surface required for set up. 


Available for pickup: Yes, large truck or van required. No glue or nails on the walls. Fish string, command hooks or removable glue dots only.